AlluLite Logo

Logo design for new startup of a company promoting zero-calorie sugar made from a rare natural sugar called Allulose. The AlluLite brand needed to be able to compete with brands like Splenda, Equal, and Stevia. Both stacked and horizontal versions were designed. A classic yet forward thinking appeal was needed.

AlluLite Sweetened With Logo

Once the initial AlluLite logo was designed, the company also needed a mark to designate that a product was made with or sweetened with their Allulose product. The mark is used on all packaging for their products with Allulose. They wanted a clean, bright appealing mark that could stand out and be seen on any packaging to which it was applied but also complemented the design.

AlluLite Packaging

AlluLite Nutrition LLC makes chocolates, gummie bears, and bulk zero-calorie sugar, so the brand needed to be applied to each product line. AlluLite being a premium zero-calorie sugar, needed to have premium-looking packaging. Packaging was created for eight different chocolate flavors in milk and dark chocolate, plain and sour gummie bears, and bulk and individual serving packs for the zero-calorie sugar. See for info on their products. I was also the photographer for the chocolates on the packaging.

AlluLite Brochure

AlluLite Nutrition LLC needed a consumer brochure to hand out at trade shows that detailed the benefits and advantages of their zero-calorie sugar.